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Choose from one of our Honeymoon Designs, another room design, or have us create one just for you. NEW! Do It Yourself Honey-Room Design
Honeymoon Room Designs
A Surprise, Memorable, Romantic "Honey-Room"

It will definitely be a great way to kick off your honeymoon with the combination of a romantic inn and the surprise of a romantic room design. Your special someone will appreciate the time, thought and creativity you put in to this unique gift that will create a lasting memory (and imagine the story they'll have to tell).

We can decorate your room at any Monterey Peninsula hotel in the cities of Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Carmel Valley and Big Sur. Designs can be ready either prior to your initial arrival or set-up for when you return from dinner.

Depending on the selected decoration, your special someone will find a number of romantic or celebration items around the room from candles and red roses to chocolate covered strawberries and spa gift items. Every package is delivered and decorated by a professional room designer with your honeymoon celebration in mind. We can even design your room based on your specific requirements.

For more information, view our testimonials and our Order Policy. This year, offer more than the gift of jewelry, flowers or an evening out for dinner - choose a gift that your special someone will remember forever.

"Honey-Room" of Roses, Candles & Chocolate

Imagine as your special someone walks in to a room lit only by candlelight, filled with 48 rose stems and a romantically decorated bed including a delightful assortment of chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries. Definitely creates the "wow" factor.

$269 + tax
The Romantic Bedroom
Honeymoon Edition

Our most popular room design includes a completely decorated bed, trail of rose petals, candles, chocolates and more!

Newlywed Bliss

A great way to spend your wedding night with the combination of a newlywed design, gourmet food and bath and body items. Perfect for the two of you or given as a gift!

Kicking Off the Honeymoon

For a truly sensual honeymoon experience, this package provides a variety of romantic gifts and games to make your first night together very memorable and fun.

$229.95 plus tax
Elegant Honeymoon

An elegant design that incorporates a candle lit room with memories of the Monterey Peninsula. Very beautiful!

$95.00 plus tax
Romantic Sunset Bonfire

Invite your special someone down to the beach to watch the sunset and surprise them with a completely built private bonfire for two. All you need to do is show up!

$139 and up

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